Brenda Light MacKinnon

I suffered a herniated L4 disc in my mid 40ís, Ouch! While searching for ways to strengthen my body, I discovered the power of focused movement, integrated with breath using the Feldenkrais method. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey for me. I became stronger and more confident than at any other time in my life. I began to understand the wisdom of mindful movement. A few years later, I met Lee Holden, Qigong Master at the Kripalu School of Yoga and Healing in Massachusetts Here, I began my practice of Qigong; the ripple effects were are amazing. It led me to pilates and then to yoga and onward to becoming a certified yoga teacher.

I follow many Qigong teachers and in the spring of 2016, I went back to Kripalu and studied with world renowned Qigong Healing Master, Robert Peng. I greatly look forward to sharing my practices with you.

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