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Have a question or need help? You have come to the right place. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Can Dads attend?

100% They are welcome to attend with you, or they can bring the babies just by themselves. We also encourage you to bring any other support person you need!

Do you have a changing room?

Yes! We have showers as well if thatís something you can squeeze into your day!

Do you have yoga mats?

We have complimentary yoga mats that we set up for you at the beginning of class so itís one less thing you need to worry about! For Yoga Babies classes it is best to bring one of your own blankets to lay little one down on.

What age can my baby be for this class?

Baby can begin when you are ready to! Most new babies stay in their car seats or sleep throughout class. Our classes are meant for moms to be able to practice in a baby friendly space. Once your baby begins to crawl they would be upgraded to our Crawlers class.

What happens if my baby cries, or needs to be changed/fed?

Keep on mothering! Moms breastfeed, bottle feed and change their babies right on their mats in class! Do whatever will make you and baby feel the most comfortable.

What should I wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in. Yoga pants or shorts, a tank top or a t-shirt. Something that is breathable and that will allow you to move.

When can I begin prenatal yoga?

You can begin at any point during your pregnancy. If you have any concerns please consult with your physician. There are also many prenatal friendly classes at the studio. Look for a little b beside the class description to know what is a good fit!

When can I start Yoga Babies?

It is a personal choice, make sure the timing is right for you. Most mamas join us 4-6 weeks after baby arrives. Please check with your healthcare provider if you are unsure.

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