Little B offers an awesome selection of prenatal and mom and baby yoga classes, come explore! Remember that all babies are fussy at times and toddlers can be a little nutty, we also know this so don't feel like your little one needs to be quiet and still! Enjoy, have fun and let them experience a new place with new friends while you get the benefit of physical exercise and an outing that will make you feel great!

We are all moms trying to navigate this crazy mom life. Let's do it together with support, understanding and love.

Babies (0-8 months)

Our yoga and pilates babies class is focused on allowing mom to recover and begin to rebuild strength. Our baby classes allow you to continue mothering throughout because all babies cry, eat and poop!

Crawlers (6-18 months)

Once babies are moving and shaking itís time to amp things up with a flowing vinyasa class that is a real workout! Your little one can cruise around the room and socialize with little baby friends.

Toddlers (1-4 years)

We all know that once our little ones start moving there is no stopping them! We encourage them to navigate the room or even attempt to join us in some poses. This is a playful time for them and a workout for you!

Mom + Me (all ages and stages)

This class combines all ages and stages from newborn to school age! A fun flow to encourage everyone to get moving with an emphasis on breathing and learning to let go. Your little ones can join in on class or play. Remember this is a time for you to enjoy some physical exercise while you little one is safe, nearby and socializing!

Mom groups (free)

We offer these groups to the community. It is free for anyone to attend, you do not need to hold a membership at our studio! Our mom groups offer moms an opportunity to meet community partners that can help them navigate life with baby, it also is a time to socialize, meet other like-minded parents and get out of the house!

Prenatal yoga / prepare to push

Pregnancy is a time to listen to our bodies as well as maintain our strength and endurance. Our prenatal classes are meant to help prepare mom for labour by offering challenging poses weaved with breathing exercises and coping mechanisms to allow for a beautiful birthing experience.

Class Levels:

All classes are taught by experienced teachers who can offer you modifications to meet you where you are in your practice.

Workshops and special guests:

We offer a wide range of workshops and special guests. Please check out our schedule for the most up to date information on our workshops.


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