Yoga Mamas (0-3yrs)

This class is for mamas looking for a little extra work out in their yoga class, babies under the age of 3.
This new class has been created specifically for the postpartum mama weaving safe and challenging poses into the sequence focusing on increasing heart rates, building strength and toning muscles.

Fit Flow Mamas (0-3yrs)

It's time to amp things up with a flowing vinyasa class that is a real workout! Your little one can cruise around the room and socialize with little baby friends. Perfect for mamas looking for a challenge and babies under the age of 3. A strength building sequence that is sure to get your heart pumping!

Mama + Baby Yoga (under 8 months)

These classes are filled with stretches catered to new mamas, strengthening flows as well as lengthening and relaxing poses. Each mat has a blanket at the end of it for your baby to relax on.
Mamas enjoy a yoga class while connecting with new mamas and establishing new routines with their sweet babes.

Barre Mamas (0-3yrs)

This class combines all ages and stages. A challenging workout for mom and some social time for your little one! Remember this is a time for you to enjoy some physical exercise while your little one is safe, nearby and socializing!

Mom groups (free)

We offer these groups to the community. It is free for anyone to attend, you do not need to hold a membership at our studio! Our mom groups offer moms an opportunity to meet community partners that can help them navigate life with baby, it also is a time to socialize, meet other like-minded parents and get out of the house!

Prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is a time to listen to our bodies as well as maintain our strength and endurance. Our prenatal classes are meant to help prepare mom for labour by offering challenging poses weaved with breathing exercises and coping mechanisms to allow for a beautiful birthing experience.

Kids Yoga (3+)

Kids ages 3 and up learn the many benefits of yoga. This class is combined with fun activities and yoga to keep your kids entertained and excited to learn. These classes run in conjunction with regular classes so you can get your yoga in too. These are drop in classes, come anytime!

All classes are taught by experienced teachers who can offer you modifications to meet you where you are in your practice.


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