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Am I allowed to bring my cell phone?

The idea of leaving our phones behind is frightening to most. If you must have your phone with you, please turn it to airplane mode or off during your class. There are always circumstances that require individuals to have their phone available, please speak to the teacher or desk staff for extenuating circumstances and we can see how we can accomodate you.

Are any of your classes drop in?

We do accept a quick pop in at the last minute, however if a class is full or has been cancelled you run the risk of not being able to attend. So, whenever possible pre-register online or call our studio to reserve your spot.

Do you have a changing space and somewhere to keep my belongings?

Our showers and change rooms are in two separate spaces so you can quickly wash/rinse off and head to your change room to continue getting ready for the rest of your day/evening. There are separate men's and women's change rooms.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do. All we ask is to keep it to a quick 5 minute shower to allow for others to get washed up all while keeping our minds on consumption and the environment.

How do I sign up for class online?

You can sign up for classes directly through our website. Once youíve created an account, simply log in and book your classes. You can purchase your membership/passes online or at our front desk. If you would like to purchase at the studio but need to book a class please email us and we will happily add you into the class of your choice.

How early should I arrive before class?

Allow yourself time to arrive with plenty of time to get changed if needed and take savasana before your class begins. Each of our classes begins with savasana and is a quiet practice. We ask that you enter class, set your mat and begin the process of unwinding and settling for your practice. *savasana is done by lying on your mat in quiet reflection.

How far in advance do I need to cancel a booked class?

Call our front desk if it is an hour or less before class so we can get on the phone and fill your spot quickly!

I am new to yoga, what classes are suitable for me?

We love to introduce new people to yoga but understand that it can feel intimidating this is why we have created a free workshop that we offer weekly for those who are new to yoga or those returning and needing a little refresh. Find out more about this workshop on our class description page.

I am not flexible, can I still practise yoga?

Flexibility is only one component of Yoga, like every other style of fitness is something that takes time and practice. You will develop flexibility and strength over time and our instructors can also help you find modifications that make you feel best in each pose.

I have an injury or disability can I still practice yoga?

The beauty of yoga is it heals. We would love to help guide you as to which class would be best for you. Each injury or disability is so personal and we take that into consideration. Please contact our studio to set up an appointment or attend our free introductory workshop where you will have so many of these questions answered.

What if I arrive late?

Arriving late is sometimes unavoidable. In most cases we have classes so close together that we could find you space in a class that hasnít begun. We can also guide you into class once the quiet practice of savasana has ended, entering quietly as not to disturb the practice.

What should I bring and wear?

Yoga is about being able to move freely and not get caught up in the rest! Wear what is comfortable for you. If you are attending Aerial or silks classes, please avoid wearing shorts and be sure to remove all jewelry.

What temperature are your hot and warm classes?

Our warm room is equal to that of a sunny day. It allows for a more vigorous flow or a comfortable temperature for restorative or yin classes. Hot is held at the industry standard and will create an environment to help you sweat, detoxify your body and get deeper into postures. This class is reserved for longer, stronger held positions with less aggressive flows as sweat will fly!

When does online registration for a class end?

You can sign up online up to an hour prior to your class. Registration will close an hour before class if no one has signed up for class and this is why pre-registering is so important. Registration is also closed when a class is full. Please call or email the studio to be placed on a wait list.

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