Core Values

Studio B was founded on 3 simple values, growth, love and exceptional service.

Our growth has been a product of our commitment to professionalism and fun. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can better serve our community, our members and those who are interested in yoga as a way to feel more connected to the world around them.

Our love for what we do, love for the traditional and non-traditional aspects of yoga and the love for our community is what fuels the fire that we want to ignite in each and every person that walks into our studio.

Exceptional service can only be achieved by the willingness to ask yourself some critical questions: What kind of studio would we want to practice in? What kind of workplace would we want to be a part of? Are we pushing to be better than we were, last week, last month, last year? This critical way of thinking can allow us to better serve our members in creating a space that is truly for them.

Our Policies
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