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This ballet style fitness class works your whole body by focusing on many reps and small movements.

This killer workout targets ever part of your body with a special emphasis on your core.

Find balance and build strength. Discover inversions and new poses to deepen your practice.

Enjoy a gentle flowing class intertwined with longer held yin style postures to increase flexibility and awareness.

Long sweet surrender. Hold poses a little longer while relaxing the body and the mind. A gentle practice.

A workout infused yoga style class sure to work your whole body while also working on flexibility and endurance.

Each pose is visited once to offer a balance of strength and flexibility.

Gentle Vinyasa allows you to discover poses that flow together and create a harmony in the body.

Vinyasa yoga links the movement and breath to form a fluid, feel good sequence of asanas.

Find release through awareness and use of the hips. Try this sweet yoga class and go inward and invite new spaciousness.

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